Alien Desires – Biomass: Orientation

Vore Fan and Transform Fan have a twisted tale of… well, transformation and vore as a woman’s one-night stand turns out to be an extraterrestrial predator!


Synopsis: Jesse meets a lovely woman in a bar and soon finds herself in their bed. The woman is not what she seems, however, and absorbs Jesse’s body into their own. Jesse then awakens on another world as the latest member of an alien hive mind who wish to assimilate every life that they can find. Jesse is expected to follow suit, and her horrifying hunger to commune with other lifeforms is only growing…

Biomass-Orientation_01-logo-VFan-socialmedia Biomass-Orientation_01-page-VFan


Tags: transformation, alien tf, alien woman, corruption, mental tf, mind control, monster girl, female muscle, vore, unbirthing, same-size vore, belly expansion, birthing, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Extremist

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Release Date: November 16th, 2022

Issue Link: Biomass: Orientation

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E.A.T. the Extra-terrestrial – Terra Nova 2

Terra Nova gets a second issue, bringing more misfortune to the microscopic aliens who keep getting chewed, swallowed, or inhaled by the comparatively colossal (and utterly unaware) humans visiting their planet!


Synopsis: Two explorers discover a new planet capable of holding life. It is a perfect place for colonization, since there is no intelligent life form on the planet… or is it simply too tiny to see?

cover page

Written By: Proky

Artwork By: Kaka (Sedna Studio)

Tags: sizeplay vore, vore, unaware, microscopic, sci-fi

Issue Release Date: January 4th, 2021

Series Link: Terra Nova

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Savory Science Fiction – Bountiful Hunt

Bountiful Hunt presents the story of Aeryn, a spacefaring badass that is willing to do (and eat) anything to become her captain’s ideal woman!


Synopsis: A group of alien bounty hunters are cruising through space on a mission to deliver a rare and carnivorous species to a collector on the planet Alistair. However, one of the crew members spots her captain’s collection of fetish magazines and plans to devour the ship’s cargo in the hopes that he’ll fall in love with her!

bountiful_hunt___gluttons_of_the_galaxy_by_vore_fan_comics_ddzt6kh-fullview two_monster_meals_are_better_than_one_by_vore_fan_comics_ddzt6jz-fullview

Issue Release Date: October 4th, 2020

Written By: MrSinister1990

Artwork By: Ponce (AlterComics)

Tags: vore, soft vore, same-size vore, multiple victims, alien woman, weight gain, science, sci-fi

Issue Link: Bountiful Hunt

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