Vore + BE – Mrs. Goodbody’s Absorption Sorority

A self-conscious and flat-chested wallflower absorbs an entire sorority’s worth of ladies into her breasts after disobeying the simple instructions left to her by the title character of Vore Fan‘s newest series: Mrs. Goodbody’s Absorption Sorority!


Synopsis: When Cassandra tries out a new massage oil from the enigmatic Mrs. Goodbody, she discovers no one can keep their hands off her- or OUT of her- as her breasts swallow them whole!

mrs__goodbody_s_absorption_sorority___boob_party_by_vore_fan_comics-dbpcfbd absorbed_by_her_own_breasts_by_vore_fan_comics-dbpcfb7

Issue Release Date: December 18th, 2017

Written By: SoylentOrange

Artwork By: LRC (Sedna Studio)

Tags: Boob Vore, Breast Expansion, Nipple Expansion, Lactation, Absorption, TABOO Breasts

Issue Link: Mrs. Goodbody’s Absorption Sorority

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The Empress Eats – Queen Beatrix 3

The Queen Beatrix series returns with the introduction of the world’s newest conqueror: the Empress! This epic (and penultimate) issue includes weight gain, height increase, and the mass devouring of entire cities!


Synopsis: An Asian scientist believes she has found the flaw in the formula that created the colossal, voring giantess Queen Beatrix, who is now comatose. She uses a peasant she calls “nameless” as her test subject, but the experiment again goes awry. And what’s happening to Queen Beatrix?

queen_beatrix_3___the_nameless_empress_by_vore_fan_comics-dbm7p5c from_nobody_to_empress_by_vore_fan_comics-dbm7p56

Issue Release Date: December 4th, 2017

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Tags: vore, growing woman, clothes ripping, destruction, mega-giantess, giga-giantess, multiple predators

Series Link: Queen Beatrix

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