Christina – Vengeance by Vore

Vore Fan dips its toe into the “revenge fantasy” end of the fetish’s proverbial pool once again with the introduction of Christina, the BBW vore goddess who puts every misogynist she meets in their rightful place… her belly!


Synopsis: A police detective inadvertently crosses path with a voracious and unstoppable goddess while investigating a string of cold missing persons cases.

christina___food_of_the_goddess_by_vore_fan_comics-d9tvfw3 prey_without_a_prayer_by_vore_fan_comics-d9tzcjg

Tags: Giantess, vore, monster woman, BBW, revenge, nudity, police drama, mystery, modern-day, investigation

Issue Release Date: June 4th, 2016

Artwork by: Jin (Sedna Studios)

Written By: Andy Misandry

Issue Link: Christina

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