What We Chew in the Shadows – Paranormal Consumption Agency

When there’s something hungry in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? A team of elite hunters from the Paranormal Consumption Agency! These covert operatives are ready to turn the tables on people-eating monsters across the country!


Synopsis: Lisa Bake and Sophia Remington are best friends and part of an agency that dwells in the shadows. They hunt the things that prey on innocent people. When a bigger plot unfolds to threaten the world, they rally together to seek out the clues they need to help save their world.

PCA_01-cover-socialmedia PCA_01-page-socialmedia

Written By: JV-Zombie

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: vore, same-size vore, mini-giantess, weight gain, transformation, monster girl, multiple predators, multiple prey, magic

Issue Release Date: June 18th, 2022

Issue Link: PCA – Paranormal Consumption Agency

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Just Desserts – Getting Into the Food 3

The sinister corporate executives responsible for the exotic shrinking spices Getting Into the Food at Barleycorn’s restaurant think their plans are on track – but they’re about to get served a giant helping of payback!


Synopsis: Why did two kitchen crews and two police officers disappear from the same restaurant? An agent for a covert agency has the answer, and she plans to prevent the problem from recurring by giving those involved a taste of their own seasoning…

Getting-into-the-Food_03-logo-socialmedia Getting-into-the-Food_03-page-socialmedia

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, shrinking, varying sizes, beast vore, multiple victims, multiple predators, micro, digestion, blob vore, shrunken man, shrunken woman, science

Issue Release Date: June 4th, 2022

Series Link: Getting Into the Food

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