Escape from Jessica – Endonaut 2

Endonaut‘s miniaturized protagonist makes a desperate attempt to escape his girlfriend’s body in the second issue of this Vore Fan series, but things don’t quite go as planned…


Synopsis: As Jessica and Darcy’s sex continues, Jake makes his way to Jessica’s belly in order to escape her body and get her attention. But can he get their attention at his small size? Or will he be lost in their lustful acts?

Endonaut-2-cover-uncensored Endonaut-2-preview-uncensored

Tags: sizeplay, shrunken man, full tour, anal, endo, strap-on, sex, lesbians, bi-sexual

Issue Release Date: March 4th, 2018

Written By: Stevie K.

Artwork By: Dai (Sedna Studio)

Series Link: Endonaut

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