Eating Employees – Ingesting The Intern

If you ever think you’ve got it rough at work, just be glad you’re not the star of Ingesting The Intern: a new comic from Vore Fan detailing the unfortunate fate of one man as he discover how little his boss actually values him!


Synopsis: Hoping to win the approval of his employer, Kyle Wellons agrees to take good care of his extremely wealthy employer Mrs. Olvera’s gigantic and gluttonous daughter Bella (whom the other interns refer to as ‘Beelzebella’) and attend to her needs for the week while his boss attends an important overseas conference. Soon enough, however, he becomes aware that these ‘needs’ are him being her next weekly human meal rather than an official caretaker (he’ll just be taking care of her hunger). Can Kyle manage to escape his digestive demise in her belly or end up as her next bowel movement?

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Issue Release Date: June 4th, 2017

Written by: Rebus Brown

Artwork by: Enroc Studio

Tags: soft vore, mini giantess, oral, digestion, internals, F/M, femdom

Issue Link: Ingesting The Intern

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