Dead or Alive, You’re Coming to Dinner – Voreborg

In a dystopian future, justice has a new name: Voreborg! She’s a former cop who’s cleaning up the streets thanks to cybernetic augmentations – and a big appetite! Any criminals she catches are headed straight to solitary confinement in her stomach with no chance of parole…


Synopsis: In the future, every city is dense and filled with crime. In desperation, society has implemented a new program: cyborg officers with the ability to take action in any possible situation and endowed with the power to judge criminals on the spot. Their makers called them… the Voreborg.

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Written By: SV Writer

Artwork By: YouLZ (Studio Arieta)

Tags: vore, same-size vore, oral vore, digestion, rapid digestion, cyborg, cyborg girl, female predator, male prey, multiple prey, revenge, cyberpunk, science

Issue Release Date: December 4h, 2022

Issue Link: Voreborg

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