Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys? – Cat’s Paw

When Rose and Claire hear about a new sex toy store offering incredible body mods, they realize it’s a chance to live out their vore fantasies! However, when trying any new technology, it’s always wise to read the fine print…

Synopsis: 200 years in the future, modified and enhanced meta-humans have become a common element among the population. With nearly infinite possibilities, the only limit mankind has left is their imagination… and people have always been creative when seeking pleasure! Ideas beget technology, but new technology also begets ideas. Looking for a thrill, Rose and Claire purchases a vore-suit, giving Rose the ability to devour people whole and alive, unaware that there is a catch to the deal that she’s just made…

Tags: vore, oral vore, anal vore, vaginal vore, futanari, futa TF, penis expansion, digestion, male prey, female prey, female predator, multiple predators, multiple prey, same-size vore, big belly, vore belly, matryoshka doll vore, breast expansion, science

Issue Release Date: April 4th, 2024

Written By: Uriel

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Issue Link: Cat’s Paw

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Dead or Alive, You’re Coming to Dinner – Voreborg

In a dystopian future, justice has a new name: Voreborg! She’s a former cop who’s cleaning up the streets thanks to cybernetic augmentations – and a big appetite! Any criminals she catches are headed straight to solitary confinement in her stomach with no chance of parole…


Synopsis: In the future, every city is dense and filled with crime. In desperation, society has implemented a new program: cyborg officers with the ability to take action in any possible situation and endowed with the power to judge criminals on the spot. Their makers called them… the Voreborg.

Voreborg_01-logo-socialmedia Voreborg_01-page-socialmedia


Written By: SV Writer

Artwork By: YouLZ (Studio Arieta)

Tags: vore, same-size vore, oral vore, digestion, rapid digestion, cyborg, cyborg girl, female predator, male prey, multiple prey, revenge, cyberpunk, science

Issue Release Date: December 4h, 2022

Issue Link: Voreborg

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