Working Lunch – The Job Interview

Running late for an interview, Giovanna is disappointed to find the hiring committee inexplicably absent. Since she had no time to grab lunch on the way, she decides to help herself to a few of the snacks on offer. But it turns out the interviewers may be a LOT closer than she thinks!

Synopsis: Giovanna, an unemployed doctor, goes to Sanctus Ignis Hospital for her job interview. Sadly, she’s late and it seems that there is no trace of the examination commission, so she decides to sit on the sofa and eat some snacks while waiting. However, it turns out there’s something very interesting hidden in those snacks…

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, unaware, unaware vore, female predator, female prey, shrinking, shrunken woman, multiple prey, mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, uvula, stomach, digestion, digestive system

Issue Release Date: April 4th, 2024

Written By: Raoh1990

Artwork By: Milton Estevam

Issue Link: The Job Interview

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This Test is Oral – Monica’s Exam

A student seeking help with her anatomy class ends up getting a closely detailed look at the human digestive tract… from the inside! Monica’s Exam may have been a looming worry, but now she’s going to have to pass a test of survival!

Synopsis: Monica, a medical student, is having trouble studying the anatomy of the digestive system. So, she decides to ask her teacher for help, since she is a famous doctor specialized in Gastroenterology… but things go very different from what she expected!

Written By: Raoh1990

Artwork By: LRC (Sedna Studio)

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, oral vore, shrinking, shrunken woman, mouth, stomach, digestion, digestive system, MILF, female prey, female predator, science

Issue Release Date: June 18th, 2023

Issue Link: Monica’s Exam

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Time for ‘Dessert’ – A Royal Dilemma 3

The shrunken Kat is still in A Royal Dilemma – just as she’s about to escape Gwen’s digestion after being eaten by the unaware queen, she finds herself trapped as a miniature third wheel when Gwen gets intimate with her boyfriend!


Synopsis: Katherine has finally reached the end of Gwendolyn’s digestive tract, only to find an unpleasant surprise: Gwen has invited her boyfriend Duncan for sex… and Kat’s about to caught in the middle!

A-Royal-Dilemma_01-logo-socialmedia A-Royal-Dilemma_01-page-socialmedia

Written By: Stevie K.

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, digestion, unaware, unaware vore, shrinking, shrunken woman, shrunken man, body exploration, digestive system, microscopic, stomach, vagina, pleasure, sex, female predator, female prey, male prey, f/f, f/m, magic

Issue Release Date: November 4th, 2022

Series Link: A Royal Dilemma

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