Munchable Personality Dis-vore-der – Pieces of Me

It’s one of the oldest lessons there is: be careful what you wish for. Marie didn’t heed this advice when she wished to be smaller – and now she’s got to hunt down and chow down a bunch of mini-Maries if she wants to get back to her old self!

Synopsis: Marie is a very tall girl and wishes to be smaller. A tricky fairy grants her wish, making Marie half her size and diminishing her personality. Discovering that the only way to reverse this curse is to capture and devour all of the tiny fragments of her personality that are now running around, Marie begins to hunt them down…

Tags: vore, shrunken vore, sizeplay, shrinking, shrunken woman, digestion, height increase, growth, female predator, female prey, multiple prey, magic

Issue Release Date: December 4th, 2023

Written By: John Vore

Artwork By: Octo

Issue Link: Pieces of Me

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