Excess Baggage? – Experiments Gone Wrong!

Vore Fan has, on occasion, presented a story about vore as revenge, but when you’re talking about Experiments Gone Wrong, it’s not as simple as that! Jennifer’s desire to get even with her cheating ex goes awry… but only after she’s already committed to eating him!

Synopsis: Jennifer learned some pretty terrible news about her (ex)boyfriend and her (ex)best-friend and she’s got an experiment in mind with how to retaliate. Unfortunately, Jennifer forgot that sometimes… experiments just go wrong!

Written By: SV Writer

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, same-size vore, big belly, vore belly, oral vore, shrinking, shrunken woman, shrunken man, height increase, growth, weight gain, digestion, female predator, male prey, female prey, multiple prey, revenge, science

Issue Release Date: April 18th, 2023

Issue Link: Experiments Gone Wrong!

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