Everybody Out of the Pool! – Megan’s Snacks

A trio of friends shrink themselves down and go for a swim in a tub of yogurt… but unfortunately for them, this yogurt has been set aside for Megan’s Snacks! Now, these unlucky tinies have to escape – or they’ll end up being the crunchy bits on top!


Synopsis: Leonard, Thomas, and Nina shrink themselves to 1/8 inch to enjoy a gigantic bowl of yogurt. Unfortunately, things are going to become dangerous when Leonard’s wife comes back early from work…

Megans-Snack_01-logo-socialmedia Megans-Snack_01-page-socialmedia

Written By: Raoh1990

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, shrinking, shrunken man, shrunken woman, unaware, f/m, f/f, digestive system, digestion, graphic digestion, science

Issue Release Date: February 4th, 2022

Issue Link: Megan’s Snacks

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