Global Gluttony – Scarlet’s Growing Hunger 5

The latest instalment of Scarlet’s Growing Hunger takes our titular predator to a modelling show in Japan where she intends to once more consume her rivals to feed her increasingly voracious appetite!


Synopsis: After winning the two competitions with ease, Scarlet claims her prize to star in the modelling convention. Although there’s a lot of competition, the girls are huge and very beautiful. How will she compete?

scarlet_s_growing_hunger_5___big_belly_in_japan_by_vore_fan_comics_dcg5aep-pre scarlet_hogs_the_stage_by_vore_fan_comics_dcg5acd-fullview

Tags: same-size vore, soft vore, weight gain, height increase, sex

Issue Release Date: November 4th, 2018

Written By: JVZombie

Artwork By: Ponce (Alter Comics)

Series Link: Scarlet’s Growing Hunger

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