Eat Like a Horse – Big Mig’s Meal

Fans of Farm to Fork and A Little Immunity can rejoice as Vore Fan proudly debuts our newest non-human predator in Big Mig’s Meal!


Synopsis: There are some places out on the back roads where one can end up getting lost even with all the tech in the world to guide you. A particular group of cheerleaders find themselves discovering one such place, and then learn how hard it is to get some help when such things happen.

big_mig_s_meal___vore_horse_by_vore_fan_comics-dce2s2j don_t_look_a_vore_horse_in_the_mouth_by_vore_fan_comics-dce2s22

Tags: Unaware, Non-Human Pred, Micro, Shrinking, Female Prey, Male Pred

Issue release date: October 18th, 2018

Written by: Sage of Stars

Artwork by: Jieun

Issue Link: Big Mig’s Meal

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