Fairy Big Appetites – Me and My Vore Fairy

When she saves a fairy girl from a bad situation, Annie has no idea who she’s just rescued. Little Una turns out to be a fairy who specializes in vore – and she’s prepared to teach Annie just how enjoyable life can be when you’re an apex predator! Check out Me and My Vore Fairy to satisfy your cravings!


Synopsis: Annie was just a regular college gal when she accidentally found a vore fairy one day! What’s a vore fairy? In fact, what’s vore? Annie doesn’t know… but join her as she learns all about it (and maybe gets a little action for herself)!

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Written By: SV Writer

Artwork By: Kaka (Sedna Studio)

Tags: vore, same-size vore, oral vore, digestion, rapid digestion, transformation, breast expansion, minigirl, monster girl, female predator, female prey, multiple predators, multiple prey, willing prey, magic

Issue Release Date: February 4th, 2023

Issue Link: Me and My Vore Fairy

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