Super-Hungry Supervillain – The Maw

When night falls in the city, the terror begins… because The Maw is on the prowl! Who is she? Where did she get her shapeshifting powers? Why does she absorb her victims’ memories? Never mind any of those questions; the only one she wants answered is “who should I eat next?”

Synopsis: A young lady with a variety of weird superpowers would rather use her abilities to satisfy her deep hunger over fighting crime like a superhero. However, her latest hunt ends up going a little differently than planned…

Written By: Iron-Ninja327

Artwork By: FRANTIC (AlterComics)

Tags: vore, same-size vore, oral vore, anal vore, digestion, rapid digestion, transformation, horror, monster girl, monster vore, female predator, female prey, male prey, multiple prey, weight gain, female muscle, muscle growth, rubbergirl

Issue Release Date: May 4th, 2023

Issue Link: The Maw

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