Permanent Detention – Disciplinary Action

A rude, entitled, arrogant college student goes one step too far with his hot teacher and is subjected to severe Disciplinary Action! Josh isn’t getting expelled, though – in fact, he’s definitely going to stay in school…


Synopsis: Ms. Month has a troublesome student in one of her classes. She’s been letting him slide for a little while now… but enough is enough. It’s time for some disciplinary action!

Disciplinary-Actions_01-logo-socialmedia Disciplinary-Actions_01-page-socialmedia

Written By: PumpkinPie44

Artwork By: Octo

Tags: vore, same-size vore, female predator, male prey, big belly, vore belly, revenge, digestion, weight gain

Issue Release Date: October 18th, 2022

Issue Link: Disciplinary Action

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