Hungry Horrors – Curse of the Were-Vore

Vore Fan meets occult terror in the debut issue of Curse of the Were-Vore, a new series about a high school headmistress on the hunt for a ravenous monster that stalks the night in search of vulnerable women…


Synopsis: There have been numerous disappearances in the town of Maitsera, every night of the full moon; several women vanish without a trace. Ms. Henderson, the headmistress of the local high school, is determined to find the culprit. Only the perpetrator may be closer to home than she might think…

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Tags: vore, same-size, muscular woman, tall woman, mini gts, F/F, multiple prey, transformation

Issue Release Date: February 4th, 2018

Written by: Darkflame

Artwork by: Octo

Issue Link: Curse of the Were-Vore

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