High Seas Hunger – Fish Gut Tales

Set sail for fetish-friendly adventure and download yourself a copy of Fish Gut Tales, the new Vore Fan title that combines the same-size vore and digestion fetishes with thrilling pirate action!


Synopsis: A Pirate Crew known as the Fish Gut Pirates plunders a transport ship, completely destroying it. Three young women around the age of 19 aboard the ship survive but are taken hostage by the pirates. The girls are fed to the captain of the Fish Gut Pirates, Caroline Marcy, better known by her pirate name “Dead Bones”.

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Issue Release Date: February 4th, 2018

Written by: Pumpkinpie44

Artwork by: Oscar Celestini

Tags: same-size vore, pirates, swallow, digestion, big bellies

Issue Link: Fish Gut Tales

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