The Inpatient – Another Meeting with Dr. Beckett

Stressed-out overeater Cindy has Another Meeting with Dr. Beckett, and she’s hoping to get some help with her dietary disorder. It’s safe to say that once the session is over, it won’t be Cindy’s eating habits that are causing her trouble…


Synopsis: It has been two weeks since the therapy session with Adam has occurred, and Dr. Juli Beckett still carries her previous patient on her blossomed gut and hips. However, when another patient, Cindy Tong, comes into Beckett’s office to fret over her eating disorder, Dr. Beckett may just have to make room in her busy schedule (and gut) for some more therapy!

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Written By: Stephanie Swallows

Artwork By: Xue (Sedna Studio)

Tags: vore, same-size vore, weight gain, female predator, female prey, soft vore, digestion, psychological, therapist, clothes ripping, therapy, F/F, desire

Issue Release Date: February 18th, 2023

Series Link: Meeting with Dr. Beckett

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