Shrunken Swashbuckler Snacks – Enter the Hellmouth

A ship’s worth of pirates are shrunken and cursed to become delicious morsels for a rival pirate crew in Enter the Hellmouth!


Synopsis: In the days of pirates, Captain Smallbeard rules the sea and his ship with an iron fist. That is, until his greed gets him and his crew hit with a shrinking curse! Now he finds himself in the company—and booze—of an oblivious Lady Hellmouth and her motley crew. Can Smallbeard escape the hellmouth?

cover preview

Issue Release Date: June 18th, 2020 

Written By: FleekOnLeesh

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Tags: sizeplay vore, giantess, shrinking, shrunken man, vore, unaware, female pred and male prey, monster girl, mermaid, pirate lady, magic

Issue Link: Enter the Hellmouth

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